Thursday, August 30, 2012

Methods in Molecular Biology - Biomass Conversion

Methods in Molecular Biology

Of the twenty-one chapters in Volume 908 of “Methods in Molecular Biology” released in August 2012,  thirteen chapters covered the science of BESC.
 Journal Issue Overview:

Challenges for Assessing the Performance of Biomass Degrading Biocatalysts – Chapter 1

Imaging Cellulose Using Atomic Force Microscopy – Chapter 2

Preservation and Preparation of Lignocellulosic Biomass Samples for Multi-scale Microscopy Analysis – Chapter 3

Immunological Approaches to Plant Cell Wall and Biomass Characterization: Glycome Profiling – Chapter 5

Immunological Approaches to Plant Cell Wall and Biomass Characterization Immunolocalization of Glycan Epitopes – Chapter 6

Cellulase Processivity Chapter 9

Single-Molecule Tracking of Carbohydrate-Binding Modules on Cellulose Using Fluorescence Microscopy – Chapter 13

Bioprospecting Metagenomics for New Glycoside Hydrolases – Chapter 14

Anaerobic High-Throughput Cultivation Method for Isolation of Thermophiles Using Biomass-Derived Substrates – Chapter 15

Reducing the Effect of Variable Starch Levels in Biomass Recalcitrance Screening – Chapter 17

Analysis of Transgenic Glycoside Hydrolases Expressed in Plants: T. reesei CBH I and A. cellulolyticus EI Chapter 18

Structural Characterization of the Heteroxylans from Poplar and Switchgrass – Chapter 19

Laser Microdissection and Genetic Manipulation Technologies to Probe Lignin Heterogeneity and Configuration in Plant Cell Walls – Chapter 20
Lignin-Degrading Enzyme Activities – Chapter 21

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