Friday, April 8, 2016

ORNL licenses AR-CITE software, plant gene technology

ORNL licenses AR-CITE software, plant gene technology

ORNL has entered new license agreements with Foresight Science and Technology and GreenWood Resources. Foresight, a Comptche, California consulting company working with national laboratories and universities, licensed ORNL's AR-CITE copyrighted software and patent application that analyzes scientific literature to identify emerging technology trends. The company plans to use the technology to help partner institutions evaluate technology commercialization opportunities.

GreenWood Resources, a Portland, Ore., timberland investment and asset management company, licensed a patent application based on a gene that regulates phenylpropanoid, tyrosine and tryptophan biosynthesis pathways which can be used to reduce lignin content and increase ethanol yield in biofuels feedstocks.
AR-CITE was developed by Bob Abercrombie, Margaret Lantz, Bob Schlicher and Rick Sheldon. The technology for plant and crops improvements was developed by Wellington Muchero, Gerald Tuskan, Lee Gunter, Sara Jawdy, Anthony Bryan, Hao-Bo Guo, Stephen DiFazio and Jin-Gui Chen. The licenses were negotiated by S&T Partnership's David Sims and Jen Caldwell.

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